Sensors for Connected Fleets

Wide range of sensors for multiple use case scenarios.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
Keep an eye on your assets

Proximity Sensors

These BLE (bluetooth low energy) sensors combine with GPS hardware to offer additional sensing data for different use cases: 

  • Proximity data for asset and workers' location monitoring.
  • Movement data for asset activities monitoring.
  • Temperature and humidity data for cold chain logistics.
EYE sensors & beacons for proximity tracking
Teltonika EYE beacon and sensor
Know who is behind the wheels

driver identification system

Simple log-in and log-out from each vehicle can be achieved with ibutton tag and a ibutton reader, or a RFID card and a RFID reader installed in a vehicle. Driver monitoring helps the company to monitor easily working hours, mileage and cost.

Show who's behind the wheels with Driver ID monitoring
Driver identification reader and tag
Lock and unlock car remotely

cAN control for Car Sharing

The perfect hardware solution for car sharing to lock, unlock car remotely and control its window by using special SMS/GPRS commands. In additional, it can:

  • Read vehicle's CAN parameters like fuel level, odomter, engine RPM and more.
  • Remotely immobilise vehicle instead of using additional relays
  • Support CAN data format to more than 1300 vehcles.
Lock & Unlock your vehicle fleet remotely
Teltonika CAN Control for Car Sharing.

Industry success stories

More than a decade of experience and technology know-how, we have amassed many success stories on transforming these into modern fleets.

Safety when driver makes lane change and passing

blind Spot detection

The blind spot monitoring system uses wireless radar sensors to detect nearby objects that may not be visible to drivers, also known as "blind spot" . It is usually installed on the rear bumper area or near to rear view mirror to alert drivers with LED indicators and a sound buzzer.

Detect vehicle blind spots & avoid accidents
Blind Spot Detection
wireless Fuel monitoring

Wireless fuel level sensor

Accurately monitor vehicle's fuel level and its consumption rate

  • Read fuel data wirelessly with minimum wiring.
  • Safely Isolated from dust and moisture in its IP69 protection.
  • Compliance with explosion protection requirements regulations.
Accurate fuel consumption reading & monitoring
Wireless Fuel Level Sensor for accurate fuel monitoring.
suited for landscaping tanker fleet

water flow sensor

A small size displacement flowmeter with built-in pulse generator for remotely measuring liquid flow such as fuel, water, general chemical liquid etc. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to the fleet management software for analysis.

Accurate water consumption reading & monitoring
Water Flow Sensor integrated to LogisFleet iOT solutions.

Sensors enables us to remotely operate and collect fleet data.

Growing variety of IoT sensors has made it possible to collect data and utilise these information for the purpose of improving your fleet.


Map view of all vehicles

An online map showing tracked vehicle location, status and current speed.

Real-time vehicle tracking

See near real time GPS location and speed of vehicles. Data is updated every 60 seconds.

Route replay

Review a vehicle’s movements and idle time, or replay the route taken.


Get alerted to activity for specific locations and times.

Multiple maps

Access Google Street or Satellite view when in map mode.

Manager app

Mobile app that lets managers locate assets and organize drivers in near real-time.


Receive on-demand data including daily miles, fuel usage, speeding events and arrival times.

Field service and scheduling

Add-on a fully integrated scheduling and job dispatch solution.

Fuel monitoring

Track fuel card usage and automatically identify suspicious transactions.

Proof of delivery

Use GPS-verified vehicle location to confirm delivery or arrival at a job site.


Get app or email alerts for key events such as speeding or excessive idling.

Driver assignment to vehicles

Use key fobs (Driver ID) to report on vehicle activity and performance by driver.

Plug & play GPS tracking devices

Easy activation for vehicles model year 1996 or newer with an OBD-II port.

Hard wired GPS trackers

Can be installed in the vehicle in a hidden location. Requires a technician for installation.

Vehicle sensor data

Get alerts for diagnostic trouble codes to help improve vehicle health and performance.

Vehicle maintenance scheduling

Set up service reminders for vehicles based on calendar or mileage intervals.

Fleet dashboards

View fleet performance metrics to help identify money-saving opportunities.

Automated/scheduled reports

Easily set up reports like IFTA to streamline business operations.

Vehicle and driver groups

Organize your fleet to match your company structure for easier management.

Questions & Answers

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS technoloy to monitor the activities of the company's mobile resources from field workers, vehicle fleet, drivers to equipments, assets like machinery or excavators.

Location and status data are collected in real-time and utilised by the fleet manager and controller to make strategic or operational decision. In the mind of the fleet managers are common questions such as who should i dispatch the new job to, where is the nearest vehicle, who are currently outfield, is my driver reaching customer's location, how many equipments are operating currently? The fleet management system can answer all these.

I am not tech-savvy. Is it easy to use?

Our software is not only simple-to-use but also nice to look at. Most, if not all our customers are able to straight away use it without referring to user manual. Upon your onboarding, we will guide you with both onsite and online traininig, followed by close support over phone, emails and whatsapp messaging.

Yes, it is a powerful software with lots of features but it is also designed to be user-friendly and easy to use for anyone with or without IT knowledge.

Do i need expensive computer hardware?

No. All you need is just a computer that can connect to internet running on a modern browser ( i.e. Google Chrome, Apple Safari) or an Android phone, tablet (or Apple iPhone / iPad) to view your vehicle fleet and jobs.

Will i be checking reports at my desk all day?

It is no longer necessary to track your fleet or playtback track history from your computer. You can also perform the same function with your Android phones or Iphones or iPads. Alerts can be sent as emails or as mobile apps alerts directly to your mobile phones. Reports can also be scheduled to be sent to your email inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

How is your fleet tracking software different from the rest?

LogisFleet is one of the few providers in Singapore that can provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end platform solution for your fleet, now and into the future. We are a team of software developers and hardware experts who understand the market needs, and proactively deliver complete solutions faster and effectively to you.

How will my drivers react to GPS tracking?

Communication is key in explaining to your drivers the motivation behind deploying a GPS fleet management system. If you use it to improve employees' productivity by helping them get more done with less paperwork, and their safety by coaching them with safer driving, then most will understand. On the other hand, if you use it because you don't trust them, then it will not be welcoming for them.

What if my company needs change?

We understand that your business needs may change over time. For example, your fleet size may increase or reduce seasonally or fluctuate according to projects. That is why we have open service contracts to suit those who prefer flexibility of reducing software subscription quantity without penalty of a binding contract. Likewise, we have service contracts for businesses who prefer to have a discounted price with 1, 2 or 3 years commitment.

Nomatter what are your needs, simply contact our support team and we are always ready to discuss your new requirements.

How are GPS tracking hardware installed?

Standard GPS tracking hardware units are wired directly to the tracked assets. Our own in-house professionals are trained to install and hide the tracking device to prevent tampering. Alternatively we supply GPS tracking units that connect directly to vehicle's OBD 2 ports.

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