Advanced GPS for logistics, delivery & transporters

One GPS platform to manage your fleet, improve operation, enhance driver safety and ensure compliance.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
FLEET visibility

Track vehicles, assets, equipments in real-time

Get a birds-eye view of your entire fleet, from your office or from the comfort of your home, on your computer or on your mobile phones.

FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard
FleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.
FLEET activities

Monitor, play back fleet history

View all vehicles and their route history for up to 12 months. Or drill down into your fleet's single day activity with your familiar colour-coded gantt chart.

    Showing  fleet activities parking, moving, idling with colour legends for better visual
    FLEET safety

    Promote driving safety with driver tracking.

    Make driver score card your primary incentives for drivers by promoting safe driving, productivity and efficiently. Provide drivers with driving habit reports and coach them to safer driving behaviours.

    Promote driving safety with driver tracking.
    Harsh driving data
    Safety when driver makes lane change and passing

    blind Spot detection

    The blind spot monitoring system uses wireless radar sensors to detect nearby objects that may not be visible to drivers, also known as "blind spot" . It is usually installed on the rear bumper area or near to rear view mirror to alert drivers with LED indicators and a sound buzzer.

    Blind Spot Detection

    Find opportunities when you drill down your fleet data.

    You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Fleet data are available to the management team to measure business KPIs, do forecasting and make actionable plans.

    asset security

    Protect against unauthorised use

    Set up geofencing alerts that create a virtual perimeter around your assets. If an asset moves, you will know it. If theft occurs, real-time alerts can quickly help you recover your valuable assets.

    Geofencing for Singapore constructions sites for APSG, TSSG, TMSG, KTC
    Asset maintenance

    Protect your assets with proactive
    service maintenance

    Our asset tracking solutions can help you:

    • Track engine hours based on usage
    • Create reminders for scheduled maintenance and parts replacement
    • Log services for historical data
    Vehicle Maintenance Report Screenshot.

    Industry success stories

    More than a decade of experience and technology know-how, we have amassed many success stories on transforming these into modern fleets.

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