Fleet and asset tracking for construction and heavy equipment

Improve your bottom line with efficient fleet management of construction equipment and better visibility across multiple project sites.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
FLEET visibility

Track vehicles, assets, equipments in real-time

Manage your fleet with ease by accessing a comprehensive overview from either your office or the convenience of your home, on either your computer or mobile device, providing a birds-eye view of the entire operation.

FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard
FleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.
asset security

Protect against unauthorised use

Implement geofencing notifications to establish a digital boundary around your fleet. In the event of any movement, you will receive an immediate notification. These real-time alerts can assist you in recovering your valuable fleet assets if they are stolen.

Geofencing for Singapore constructions sites for APSG, TSSG, TMSG, KTC
Asset maintenance

Protect your assets with proactive
service maintenance

Our fleet management services offer asset tracking solutions that enable you to monitor engine usage hours, set up reminders for scheduled maintenance and parts replacement, and keep a record of past services for historical data.

    Vehicle Maintenance Report Screenshot.

    Find opportunities when you drill down your fleet data.

    Effective fleet management requires measurement. The management team can access fleet data to track business KPIs, predict outcomes, and develop practical strategies.


    Commercial vehicle cameras

    Enhance fleet safety, safeguard your vehicle fleet, and train your drivers using live video recordings with fleet management.

    Streamax Professional In Vehicle Camera Surveillance

    Enjoy peace of mind when your vehicle fleet are entrusted to our inhouse professionals.

    In Vehicle Cabin Area Camera Setup.
    In Vehicle Side Camera.
    In Vehicle Monitor Screen with Live Stream Video.
    Side Camera Set up for truck.
    Left Side Mirror Camera Set up
    Back View Camera Set up
    Front View Camera Setup for truck.
    Back View Camera Set up for Truck.

    Explore possibilities by delving into your fleet data in fleet management.

    Effective fleet management requires measurement. The management team can utilize fleet data to track business KPIs, predict future outcomes, and develop practical strategies.

    Keep an eye on your assets

    Proximity Sensors

    These BLE (bluetooth low energy) sensors combine with GPS hardware to offer additional sensing data for different use cases: 

    • Proximity data for asset and workers' location monitoring.
    • Movement data for asset activities monitoring.
    • Temperature and humidity data for cold chain logistics.
    Teltonika EYE beacon and sensor
    Safety when driver makes lane change and passing

    blind Spot detection

    The fleet management system incorporates wireless radar sensors to identify objects in close proximity that may not be visible to drivers, commonly referred to as "blind spots". Typically located on the back bumper or in close proximity to the rearview mirror, the system signals drivers with both LED indicators and an audible buzzer.

    Blind Spot Detection

    Industry success stories

    With over ten years of expertise and technological knowledge in fleet management, we have accumulated numerous triumphs in modernizing fleets.

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