GPS asset tracking software

Utilize a robust software solution for efficient fleet management, including tracking and overseeing high-value field equipment and assets.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
asset tracking

Get more out of your assets and equipment

Utilize LogisFleet's asset tracking solutions for effective fleet management and safeguard your valuable equipment. Enhance utilization, track maintenance, and prolong the lifespan of your assets with our innovative solutions.

How active asset monitoring helps your business
Scissorlift and forklift tracking with Logisfleet fms solution
Yanmar mini excavator fms tracking.

Equipment & asset tracking

Track engine hours, maintenance history excavators, cranes and heavy machineries.

FMS tracking on Cold Chain containers.

Trailer tracking

Monitor real-time trailer movement and record track history of its turnaround time and more.

Lone worker tracking and mobile field workforce monitoring

Field workers tracking

Monitor the safety of your field employees who may be exposed to unique risk on sites.

Asset visibility

Locate your assets when you need them

Utilize GPS technology for efficient fleet management, enabling you to conveniently locate equipment and arrive at job sites promptly. Access real-time updates on asset location, usage history, and battery life via an interactive map.

View all your assets in real-time on maps
Asset  and vehicle tracking.
Asset utilization

Improve your asset utilisation

By utilizing our fleet management solutions, you can locate where your assets are being utilized, reassign idle equipment, and keep track of engine hours. This will enable you to steer clear of superfluous equipment rentals and bid on projects with precision.

Utilisation data can help better plan equipment usage
Reporting with charts.

GPS tracking for shipping containers

With the aid of our fleet management tools, you can easily pinpoint the location of your assets, reallocate idle machinery, and monitor engine usage. This will help you avoid unnecessary equipment rentals and bid on projects with accuracy.

asset security

Protect against unauthorised use

Implement geofencing notifications to establish a digital boundary around your fleet. In the event of any asset relocation, you will be notified. In case of any theft, immediate alerts can assist you in promptly retrieving your valuable fleet assets.

Set up geofences to improve asset security
Geofencing for Singapore constructions sites for APSG, TSSG, TMSG, KTC
Asset maintenance

Protect your assets with proactive
service maintenance

Our asset tracking solutions can help you:

  • Track engine hours based on usage
  • Create reminders for scheduled maintenance and parts replacement
  • Log services for historical data
How to set up proactive maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance Report Screenshot.
FLEET mobile

Asset tracking that goes where you go

Manage your fleet assets in real-time and maintain control over your valuable resources even when you're not in the office, using your mobile device. Our solution supports both Apple iOS and Android platforms.

How to monitor your assets from phones & tablets
User using logisfleet Fleet management tools.

Industry success stories

With over ten years of expertise and technological knowledge in fleet management, we have accumulated numerous triumphs in modernizing fleets.


Map view of all vehicles

An online map showing tracked vehicle location, status and current speed.

Real-time vehicle tracking

See near real time GPS location and speed of vehicles. Data is updated every 60 seconds.

Route replay

Review a vehicle’s movements and idle time, or replay the route taken.


Get alerted to activity for specific locations and times.

Multiple maps

Access Google Street or Satellite view when in map mode.

Manager app

Mobile app that lets managers locate assets and organize drivers in near real-time.


Receive on-demand data including daily miles, fuel usage, speeding events and arrival times.

Field service and scheduling

Add-on a fully integrated scheduling and job dispatch solution.

Fuel monitoring

Track fuel card usage and automatically identify suspicious transactions.

Proof of delivery

Use GPS-verified vehicle location to confirm delivery or arrival at a job site.


Get app or email alerts for key events such as speeding or excessive idling.

Driver assignment to vehicles

Use key fobs (Driver ID) to report on vehicle activity and performance by driver.

Plug & play GPS tracking devices

Easy activation for vehicles model year 1996 or newer with an OBD-II port.

Hard wired GPS trackers

Can be installed in the vehicle in a hidden location. Requires a technician for installation.

Vehicle sensor data

Get alerts for diagnostic trouble codes to help improve vehicle health and performance.

Vehicle maintenance scheduling

Set up service reminders for vehicles based on calendar or mileage intervals.

Fleet dashboards

View fleet performance metrics to help identify money-saving opportunities.

Automated/scheduled reports

Easily set up reports like IFTA to streamline business operations.

Vehicle and driver groups

Organize your fleet to match your company structure for easier management.

Questions & Answers

What is fleet tracking?

The utilization of GPS technology in fleet management allows for the monitoring of company resources, including field workers, vehicle fleets, drivers, and equipment such as machinery and excavators. Real-time data on location and status is collected and used by fleet managers to make informed decisions about operations.

Fleet managers commonly consider questions such as which worker to dispatch for a new job, the location of the nearest vehicle, the current status of field workers, whether a driver is approaching a customer's location, and the number of operating pieces of equipment. The fleet management system can provide answers to all of these inquiries.

I am not tech-savvy. Is it easy to use?

Our fleet management software is designed to be both visually appealing and user-friendly. The majority, if not all, of our clients are able to use it without the need for a user manual. When you join us, we'll provide you with both on-site and online training, as well as ongoing support via phone, email, and WhatsApp messaging. While our software boasts many powerful features, it's also accessible to individuals with or without IT expertise.

Do i need expensive computer hardware?

No. To manage your fleet, all you require is a computer or Android device with a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari, or an Apple iPhone or iPad. This will allow you to access and view your vehicle fleet and jobs.

Will i be checking reports at my desk all day?

Managing your fleet and tracking its history can now be done through your mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones, or iPads. You don't need to rely on your computer anymore. Receive alerts either as emails or mobile app notifications directly to your phone. Schedule reports to be sent to your email inbox regularly, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly.

How is your fleet tracking software different from the rest?

For fleet management in Singapore, LogisFleet stands out as a reliable provider offering a complete end-to-end platform solution. Our team of software developers and hardware experts have a deep understanding of market needs and work proactively to deliver effective solutions quickly. Trust us to meet your fleet management needs now and in the future.

How will my drivers react to GPS tracking?

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in elucidating to your drivers the rationale behind implementing a GPS fleet management system. If you highlight how this system can enhance their efficiency by reducing paperwork and ensure their safety by providing driving coaching, most of them will comprehend its significance. Conversely, if the system is deployed due to a lack of trust, it may not be received positively by the drivers.

What if my company needs change?

As a business owner, we recognize that your fleet management needs can evolve with time. Your fleet size may vary seasonally or based on projects. To accommodate these changes, we offer flexible service contracts that allow you to reduce your software subscription quantity without penalty. Additionally, we have service contracts for those who prefer discounted pricing with a 1, 2, or 3-year commitment. If you require any changes to your contract, our support team is always available to discuss your new fleet management requirements.

How are GPS tracking hardware installed?

To ensure efficient fleet management, we offer two options for GPS tracking. The first involves using standard hardware units that are directly wired to the assets being tracked. Our team of experts is trained to install and conceal the tracking device to prevent any tampering. Alternatively, we also provide GPS tracking units that can be connected to a vehicle's OBD 2 port for convenience.

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