Landscape Fleet Management

Keep track of your team on sites, your vehicle fleets and equipments. View all of these with your smartphone, tablets or computer.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
FLEet monitoring

Boost productivity and control cost.

Benefit from live tracking of landscaping trucks, service vans and other vehicles on your smart phone, tablets and computer. Receive timely alerts and daily reports on start work time and completed work time, work duration and overtime.

FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard
FleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.
Asset security

Protect your investment with asset tracking

Landcaping equipment that are left unattended at job sites invite opportunities for theft, misuse and abuse. LogisFleet tracking software offers peace of mind to businesses:

  • Live maps showing location of vehicles, machineries, equipments, workers and assets.
  • Geofencing to detect potential asset theft with entry and exit records.
  • PC and mobile app notifications to alert against unauthorised usage.
Geofencing for Singapore constructions sites for APSG, TSSG, TMSG, KTC
Keep an eye on your assets

Proximity Sensors

These BLE (bluetooth low energy) sensors are small, lightweight and waterproof that can be used as:

  • Proximity data for asset and workers' location monitoring.
  • Movement data for asset activities monitoring.
Teltonika EYE beacon and sensor

Improve work accountability

No more manual time cards to determine hours work and overtime pay. GPS technology acts as virtual assistant to report:

  • Arrival, departure and duration time of project sites.
  • Equipment engine hours, start and end time.
FLEET productivity

increase fleet productivity

Achieve better field job assignment by viewing route history and making improvement to them.

  • Review each day's routes to find better ways to get your drivers to job sites.
  • Improve punctuality by holding your drivers accountable and monitoring their start work records.
Fleet manager satisfied with Logisfleet solutions.
Logisfleet FMS app with vechicle tracking on map.
FLEET safety

Reduce accident rate in your fleet

Understand driver's safety score card and their driving patterns through the use of LogisFleet's telematics data could be helpful in many ways:

  • Reduce overall fleet's insurance premium through active safety programs
  • Improve the lifespan of vehicles by reducing fleet's wear and tear.
Promote driving safety with driver tracking.
Harsh driving data
Know who is behind the wheels

driver identification system

Simple log-in and log-out from each vehicle can be achieved with ibutton tag and a ibutton reader, or a RFID card and a RFID reader installed in a vehicle. Driver monitoring helps the company to monitor easily working hours, mileage and cost.

Driver identification reader and tag

Make smarter fleet management your goals

With the rising fuel prices, landscaping companies are not spared. LogisFleet telematic software helps to raise your field productivity by highlighting unproductive and underutilised equipments, offer visibility to help manage resources across sites, and monitor engine hours for vehicles and assets.

GPS vehicle tracking on map.
FLEET visibility

See status and activity of all your entire fleet.

Multiple maps with smart clustering and insightful details to provide a simple yet powerful vehicle tracking solution to help:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Provide accurate locations and activities
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance needs
  • Keep track of your mobile workforce, vehicles, assets.
  • Prevent unauthorised use of vehicles with geofence alerts.

Industry success stories

More than a decade of experience and technology know-how, we have amassed many success stories on transforming these into modern fleets.

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