Enabling companies to manage their fleets better.

We started LogisFleet to help businesses better manage their fleets, with the use of modern fleet management technology like cloud-based software and connected hardware. Company users can now view and monitor all company resources such as vehicles, equipment, machinery, drivers and field workers on the map with their smartphones, tablets and computer PC. They get alerted whenever incidents happen, they can play back route history for review purposes, and receive daily autmated fleet trip reports to their email inbox.

Your company's fleet resources deserve the highest attention, given the high acquisition and operating cost. A poorly managed fleet not only leads to higher wear-and-tear, higher fuel cost, higher accident rate and higher insurance payout, but can also lead to customer churns from bad deliveries, and significant damage to your brand through negative word-of-mouth.

We are on a mission to help as many forward-looking clients to modernise their fleet operations through technology. Forward-looking companies understand not only the importance of leveraging on technology, but also getting good contractors who are domain specialists to help them deploy the desired solutions.

Since 2005, LogisFleet has helped more clients from the 6 industry sectors. We helped them improve their fleet by identifying under-utilised resources, reduce overlapping tasks, improve driver driving patterns, streamline the fleet operations and reduce overall fleet expense. We want to create positive results for our clients, enabling them to proactively see the effect of their fleet modernisation undertakings.

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Awards and recognition

IMDA SMEs Go Digital CTO-as-a-Service by goBusiness Singapore
LogisFleet won the "Top 25 Logistics Technology Solution Providers" by APAC CIO Outlook in 2018.LogisFleet won the "10 Most Promising Fleet Management Solution Providers" from APAC CIO Outlook in 2017.