Fleet Manager BI

To address opportunities within your organization, we first look at gaps within the fleet business operations, then turn these knowledge into actionable plans.

Add business intelligence (BI) to your fleet which can provide you with critical fleet insights to help you improve effciency and control runaway expenses.

FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard

Fix operational gaps in less than 5-mins.

Set up single or multiple "If-else", "And-Or" statements to define business events. Automate alerts or reports when these events occurs. When things go wrong, you know it instantly.

GPS Event Rules Set up
FleetManager integrations to Internet of Things (IOT)

Let sensors take over the reporting.

GPS is just one example of IoT devices. Add more sensors to your fleets to automate parts of business flow. You can handle your business and we can handle the sensors for you.

Integrate with any business software

Using our extensive APIs to sync fleet data with any business software on the market.

FleetManager extension to other business ERP software system

LogisFleet vs Competitors

Smart Visual, Analytics and Dashboards
Build Custom Events to solve Business Problems
Very basic
Integration with other Business Software Systems
None or Limited
Scalability of LogisFleet Software System
Highly scalable
Limited to gps tracking only
Stability of LogisFleet Software System
Why take the chance?

What customers get

  • Full attention and support by professionals with more than a decade of experience rolling out fleet solutions.
  • Modern fleet software that is never out-of-date, with regular updates and periodic improvement.
  • Insights into industry's best practice on fleet management and how to achieve them.
  • Regular reviews on current fleet conditions and ways to improve.
Klenco Singapore gave positive comments about FleetManager that it is a "Good System".Customer benefits from efficient job planning when using FleetManagerCustomer gained better visibility on their vehicle fleets when using FleetManager.Customer feedback that FleetManager is a very user-friendly software.Customer benefits from Improve Processes when using FleetManagerCustomer commented that it is very easy to customize their report.

You are in good hands

You are in good hands with the award-winning fleet management provider.

LogisFleet won the "10 Most Promising Fleet Management Solution Providers" from APAC CIO Outlook in 2017.LogisFleet won the "Top 25 Logistics Technology Solution Providers" by APAC CIO Outlook in 2018.

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LogisFleet solves Waste Management business solves their challenges with FleetManager software extension to WastePorter software.

Waste Management

Detect trucks and bins movement, job types and trip details useful for calculating driver trip pay.

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LogisFleet solves Transport and Logistics business challenges by giving their controllers the needed visibility in their route movements

Transport & Logistics

Gain visibility in milk runs, excessive trip durations, before and after work activities.

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LogisFleet help construction companies safeguard their resources with entry, exit and durations records helpful for security and accounting purpose.

Safeguard machinery, heavy equipment and vehicle fleets. Capture job sites, entry and exit.

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