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Modern fleet management software

Efficiently manage your fleet, equipment, and assets with advanced GPS tracking solutions. Enhance communication and productivity of your office and field workers while promoting safe driving practices through assisted driving data and technology. Enjoy the benefits of customisable fleet management tools, including an intelligence dashboard, event tracking, and notification management.

Improve Productivity with Fleet Tracking
FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard
FleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.
Key highlights

360° fleet view at a glance

Manage your fleet effortlessly with an interface that is both intuitive and robust. Get real-time updates on your entire fleet, and with just a few clicks, access detailed information about individual vehicles, including critical data.

Set up rules and checks

Real-time compliance checks can be set up to automate a wide range of operations in fleet management. Notifications and reports can be triggered based on the behavior of vehicles and drivers.

powerful report generators

Enhance your fleet management by utilizing advanced reporting tools that enable you to generate personalized reports, evaluate patterns, and receive an unlimited number of reports directly to your email.

Hear what our clients have to say

Our fleet management services aim to optimize the productivity of your heavy ticket investments such as vehicles, field equipment, and assets. Additionally, we recognize the value of intangible assets like field workers and drivers, and strive to ensure their safety and productivity. By partnering with us, you can achieve your long-term business goals with ease.

Klenco Singapore Pte Ltd
With this system, everyone is now satisfied. Everybody is able to trace the whereabout of our fleet. It is a very good system.
Mohd Nazarudin | Klenco Singapore Pte Ltd
Sensor1 Pte Ltd
The system helps us track the vehicles where they go and what time they have finished their tasks. It is a very useful app.
Madam Lim | Sensor One Pte Ltd
FortyTwo Pte Ltd
The system allows me to identify areas of improvement for my fleets. I will certainly recommend to my friends and business partners.
Shawn Chen | FortyTwo Pte Ltd
Arina Hogan Builders Pte Ltd
We have a easier time planning jobs for the drivers, thanks to FleetManager. It is user friendly and easy to customise.
Mdm Mala Krishna Moorthy| Arina Holdings Pte Ltd
PEC Pte Ltd
I don't have to call my drivers and ask where are you right now. One word to describe, very user-friendly system.
Ms Lim | PEC Ltd
gps hardware

Integrated IOT hardware for connected operations

Manage your fleet effectively by tracking GPS locations, receiving real-time diagnostics data, and remotely monitoring and controlling your assets and equipment.

Install GPS Hardware for real-time vehicles and asset tracking
Agnostic GPS Hardware
sensor hardware

Blind-Spot Detection System

The Blind-spot Detection System (BSD) is an essential tool for fleet management. It not only enhances safety for the driver, other road users, and cargo, but it can also save lives. This system uses a buzzer and visual LED alert to notify drivers of any hidden moving objects in their blind spots.

Extend fleet capabilities with BSD and other sensor hardware
Blind Spot Detection System (PSD)
camera hardware

Promote driver safety with video systems.

Manage the risks and liabilities of your fleet and drivers by utilizing video footage and images. You can replay live footage or download recordings of harsh driving events to assist with driver coaching. This is an effective way to mitigate potential hazards in fleet management.

Extend fleet safety with video telematics
Streamax ADPlus
Streamax AD2 Plus

Industry success stories

With over ten years of expertise and technological knowledge in fleet management, we have accumulated numerous triumphs in modernizing fleets.

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