Track your waste bins, equipments and vehicle fleets

Manage all aspect of your waste disposal business with real-time tracking of your fleets and assets. Better management and control can improve your company productivity and reduce costs and expenses.

Get up to 70% subsidy to implement a modern fleet management system.
FLEET visibility

Track vehicles, assets, equipments in real-time

Get a birds-eye view of your entire fleet, from your office or from the comfort of your home, on your computer or on your mobile phones.

FleetManager's Real-time analytics dashboard
FleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.
fleet payroll

reduce manual work with auto trip counting

Count the number of trips each vehicle travel to multiple customer sites, with duration, dates and timestamps. Auto trip counting helps administrator manual work on calculating driver's trip payroll.

Calculation of drivers' trip
FLEET maintenance

Protect your assets with proactive
service maintenance

Our asset tracking solutions can help you:

  • Track engine hours based on usage
  • Create reminders for scheduled maintenance and parts replacement
  • Log services for historical data
Vehicle Maintenance Report Screenshot.

Gain a better waste tracking solution today

Every steps of your waste management process can be improved. From dumpster GPS tracking to GPS tracking garbage trucks, to waste skip bins and open top containers.

Safety when driver makes lane change and passing

blind Spot detection

The blind spot monitoring system uses wireless radar sensors to detect nearby objects that may not be visible to drivers, also known as "blind spot" . It is usually installed on the rear bumper area or near to rear view mirror to alert drivers with LED indicators and a sound buzzer.

Blind Spot Detection
Keep an eye on your waste bins

Proximity Sensors

These BLE (bluetooth low energy) sensors combine with GPS hardware to offer additional sensing data for waste bin collection activities:

  • Proximity sensors attached to waste bins
  • Movement data for asset activities monitoring.
Teltonika EYE beacon and sensor

Waste management fleet & equipment tracking

GPS fleet and waste equipment management provides full visibility to your on-site operations. From locations to movement activities stationary or along routes. Collect engine hours history, real-time notifications of engine faults, abuses or misuses of equipments are possible.

FLEET integration

Commercial vehicle cameras

Improve safety, protect your vehicle fleet and coach your drivers with real-time video footage.

Streamax Professional In Vehicle Camera Surveillance

Enjoy peace of mind when your vehicle fleet are entrusted to our inhouse professionals.

In Vehicle Cabin Area Camera Setup.
In Vehicle Side Camera.
In Vehicle Monitor Screen with Live Stream Video.
Side Camera Set up for truck.
Left Side Mirror Camera Set up
Back View Camera Set up
Front View Camera Setup for truck.
Back View Camera Set up for Truck.

Industry success stories

More than a decade of experience and technology know-how, we have amassed many success stories on transforming these into modern fleets.

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