How to draw individual trips on the map?

Simple Steps to draw individual trips By using the Trip View feature, it allows the user to draw individual trips on the map instead of the entire day. Make sure to read first this post on How to trac...

How to use the Graph?

Simple Steps to use track Graph The graph feature in Fleet Manager allows to quickly visualize all numerical signals in track points. The data can be any signal transmitted by a tracker such as Speed,...

How can I Replay the Vehicle Track?

Simple Steps to replay vehicle track mobile This guide assumes that you already read this post and You want to replay vehicle track mobile. 1. After drawing tracks, tap the play icon button. 2. Track ...

How can I Track the Individual Vehicle?

Simple Steps to track individual vehicle mobile User can select individual vehicle from the list to track and retrieve more detailed information such as; Vehicle status Alarm Track Map Advanced settin...

How can I Playback the Vehicle Tracks?

Steps to playback vehicle tracks The Track Replay feature allows to playback tracks for vehicles in an application. The playback can include any number of tracks and vehicles. There are 2 Types of Tra...

How to Setup Privacy Tracking?

Steps to setup Privacy Tracking Make sure you have Administrator rights. STEP 1: Create a Roles for selected vehicles. (If applicable to all vehicles then SKIP this step.) Go to Admin –> Roles Cr...

What is a Privacy Tracking?

Definition of Privacy Tracking /h2> This Privacy Tracking filter and discard pre-defined GPS data for selected vehicles and selected period for reasons of privacy.

Tracks Panel

Allows the user to select the Start and Stop date/time when tracking back the history data of vehicles.

Track Points Panel

What is Track Points Panel List of individual track data of the vehicle like Date, time, Speed, Voltage, Engine ON/OFF. When you click on each point, it will show the address on the map.

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