Events Panel Overview

Aside from the report, Events panel allows viewing the Live and History event that triggered. By default, it’s a Panel but you can convert it to Window. Read here. If this panel not available in...

Understanding my Notes Panel

Steps to understand the Notes Panel A Notes Panel will be added to the application in which Notes have been enabled. The Notes Panel contains all the Open notes for the logged in user. AGreen note is ...

Tracks Panel

Allows the user to select the Start and Stop date/time when tracking back the history data of vehicles.

Track Points Panel

What is Track Points Panel List of individual track data of the vehicle like Date, time, Speed, Voltage, Engine ON/OFF. When you click on each point, it will show the address on the map.

Understanding Vehicles Panel

Definition of Vehicles Panel By default, vehicles panel can be seen on the right corner where the list of the vehicles located. Available columns are; Vehicle colour identifier – Identifies the vehi...

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