FleetManager Map Overview

Vehicle Map Overview allows the user to view the entire fleet’s location on a single map. With our sleek and easy to use interface, you can quickly retrieve vehicle information by clicking direct...

How to Show Multiple Maps on a Different Monitor?

Steps to show multiple maps different monitor To give you a better overview of your vehicles we are introducing the Multi-Monitor feature that allows the user to show multiple maps on a different moni...

Map based Searching with Area Search

5 Steps to do Area Search Area search able to search in your vehicle history for a specific area. It is very effective and intuitive. With Area Search you can instantly answer questions like: Who was ...

How can I Change the Map?

3 kinds of maps By default, 3 maps available in your account which is: OpenStreet map, OneMap and Google Map. To change the map, go to main menu Maps –> (select the map)

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