How to Convert Panels to Windows or Windows to Panels?

Simple Steps to convert Panels to Windows or Windows to Panels The Fleet Manager web interface allows you to move, resize and hide panels and save different layouts as Workspace for quick access to different tasks. One way to do this is to convert panels to windows and vice verse. Panels, will display as tab […]

How to Customize Workspace?

3 Steps to customize workspace In order to customize workspace, you can move the different tabs on it to be displayed on different positions. For example, you can move the Vehicles panel at the bottom of other panels. To do it follow these steps: 1. Select Vehicles panel. 2. Drop the panel when Green color […]

Deleting a Workspace

How to Delete Workspace 1. To Delete the Workspace, go to the Workspace menu then select Manage the Workspaces. Select the Workspace you want to delete. 2. Click Save.

Creating a New Workspace

How to create new workspace 1. To create the new workspace as you want, go to Workspace –> Save As. 2. Enter the name of your Workspace. You can tick “Shared” if want to share to other users. 3. Click OK.

What is a Workspace of FleetManager on the Web?

Workspace Definition A Workspace is a specific layout of the Fleet Manager interface. You can have multiple Workspaces with the different layout for different tasks. Workspace is similar to the concept of a view but applies to the number of available windows and tabs displayed on the screen. This is regularly used when you want […]

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