How to create Driver score card and Eco report

The Driver score card and Eco report collects driver behavior data through GPS by measuring harsh driving, harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding and idling for each vehicle. The guide below will show how to setup the report and understanding how it works. Change the RPT_Speeding Event Rule default settings The default condition for speeding that […]

How can I Create a Report for the Event Rule that I just created?

Simple Steps to create event rule report Make sure you log in as Administrator. The default report template for event rule report is “EV1000 Event Rule” Follow the steps below: 1. Go to Reports and click Manage Reports. 2. Select “EV1000 Event Rule”. 3. Click Open button and will open the new tab. 4. Enter […]

Trip Stop Report(Detailed) Overview

4 Steps to check Trip Stop Report This report shows detailed trip information and idle time for selected vehicles. Shows the Start and End period selected, total vehicles, total duration trip & idle and distance for all vehicles selected. Shows the vehicle no., total duration trip & idle and distance for each vehicle. Includes the […]

How can I Schedule the Report and Send to My Email?

Simple Steps to schedule report and send to Email Make sure you’re using the admin account or you have the access to manage the reports. The example below is setting up the report to be sent via email every day at 4AM.  

How to Export Report to CSV or PDF Format?

3 Steps to export report 1. Click the drop down button. 2. Select the CSV or PDF format. 3. Select CSV Zip if you’re generating for a month report.

How to Generate Report?

4 Steps to generate Report 1. Go to Reports 2. Select the report you want to generate 3. Select the Date and Vehicle 4. Click Generate button.

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