How can I Set the POI to be Permanently Visible Every Time I Login?

3 Steps to make POI permanently visible 1. Go to Points of Interest tab then click the “Settings” to show the Categories. 2. Select the Categories that you want to permanently visible. 3. Then Save your Workspace to apply changes. go to Workspace –> Save.

Managing POI Categories

7 Steps to Manage POI categories Manage categories allows user to edit POI properties and delete. 1. Click Manage categories button. 2. Select the POI category. 3. Here you can update the POI category name. 4. Min zoom and Max zoom default settings. It is recommended not to change this setting. 5. Change the POI […]

Managing POI List

Simple Steps to manage POI By default, there should be a Point of Interest list tab. Here you are able to search, add and manage POI (See below). If this list is empty or no POI show up on the map, click the Settings link to the left of the “Add POI”. Search Bar (Magnifying […]

Adding Point of Interest (POI)

5 Steps to Add POI(Point of Interest) Point-of-Interest (POI) are used to mark commonly visited the places in order to make navigation and dispatch of jobs more efficient. It can set as alarms when the vehicle enters or leave them, depending on the events configuration. Follow the steps below to create new POI; 1. Right […]

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