Mobile Application

Vehicle List Overview

What is Vehicle List Mobile The Vehicle List screen provides information about the Vehicles. From the screen, the user can get information such as vehicle name, current speed, location, distance from you, engine status, update timestamp, alarm numbers and vehicle status. Vehicle status icon’s color indicates its state; Vehicle is online and is sending its […]

Overview of Dashboard on Mobile

What is Dashboard mobile Dashboard mobile is a real-time graphical summary presentation of the total vehicles and current vehicle status such as; Engine Status, show’s the percentage of Engine ON/OFF. Movement, show’s the percentage of Vehicle movement either active or inactive. Online Status, show’s the percentage of GPS online/offline.   Tap on the percentage to […]

Using the FleetManager Mobile App

Simple Steps to use FleetManager mobile app Make sure you have downloaded the application. If not, go to download link. To log in to the application, use the existing account you are using on the web application. This application requires the internet connection to be used. As shown below is the login page. Enter the […]

How can I enable the Mobile App Notification in Event Rule?

Simple Steps to get Event rule mobile notification To receive the Fleet Manager mobile app notification. Follow the steps below; 1. In Event rule wizard step 5, under Notifications, select the “Command”. 2. Select Custom server, _ExternalNotification, HTTP and enter this URL ““, then choose if Notify Start,End or Start and End. (copy exactly the […]

How can I Download the Fleet Manager Mobile Application?

How to download mobile app of FleetManager For Android Go to Play Store and search for Fleet Manager or you can access the direct link For IOS (Apple) Go to App Store and search for Fleet Manager or you can access the direct link

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