Mobile Application

Activate/Deactivate immobilizer using mobile app

To use this service, make sure you login as Administrator and you subscribed for this additional accessory – Immobilizer. Immobilize the Vehicle using the FleetManager mobile app, refer to the steps below; FOR iOS phone (i.e. iPhone) ACTIVATE immobilizer DEACTIVATE immobilizer   FOR ANDROID Phone (i.e. Samsung, Asus, Sony) ACTIVATE immobilizer   DEACTIVATE immobilizer NOTE: ACTIVATE immobilizer […]

Push to Talk

Simple Steps to use Push talk Fleet Manager integrates the Telegram Messenger service. This app chat service enables you to securely message all colleagues and comes with extensive options to optimize the confidentiality of the communications. At no extra charge, Telegram facilitates communications between vehicle controllers, their drivers and field workers. This messaging tool allows you to send singular or […]

Geofence on Mobile

Simple Steps to create Geofence mobile The user can view, search and sort all the geofences that had been created from the web application. From the geofence list, user can see the following information; 1. Geofence name 2. Geofence distance from user current location. 3. Geofence tag name and color. Read this post on how […]

Live Traffic Data on Mobile

Simple Steps to check Live Traffic data mobile Live traffic is a real-time data directly from Singapore’s LTA (Land Transport Authority) Incidents The User can view real-life traffic incidents which are categorized by express ways in Singapore. The User can tap the refresh button to refresh the incident list. The user can also view the incident on […]

Managing POI using Mobile Application

Simple Steps to Manage POI mobile Under Settings –> Manage POI section, the user can add or edit existing POI. The user can also perform search and sort at the manage POI page. Adding POI Tap the “+” icon to add the POI then the screen will changed to map view, by default it will […]

POI Mobile Application Overview

Simple Steps to create POI mobile The user can view, search and sort all the POI that had been created. From the POI list, the user can get information like “NAME”, “DESCRIPTION” and “DISTANCE”. It’s also possible to select only which POI categories to show by tapping on top (category view) and checked/unchecked the categories. […]

FleetManager Map Overview

Vehicle Map Overview allows the user to view the entire fleet’s location on a single map. With our sleek and easy to use interface, you can quickly retrieve vehicle information by clicking directly on a vehicle or searching using the vehicle’s license plate number which means that your fleet locations are always easily accessible to you. Tap the […]

How to Get Direction from My Current Location to Destination?

Simple Steps to Get Direction Mobile Fleet Manager integrates the Google Map direction to navigate the selected vehicle location from the user current or user defined location. To start the navigation, follow the steps below; 1. Make sure the vehicle is selected to enable the direction. 2. Tap on the icon. 3. Google direction will […]

How can I Replay the Vehicle Track?

Simple Steps to replay vehicle track mobile This guide assumes that you already read this post and You want to replay vehicle track mobile. 1. After drawing tracks, tap the play icon button. 2. Track replay contains; stop, play/pause, speed control. a touch slider. Read this post to replay track using the web browser.

How can I Track the Individual Vehicle?

Simple Steps to track individual vehicle mobile User can select individual vehicle from the list to track and retrieve more detailed information such as; Vehicle status Alarm Track Map Advanced settings 1. Status It will show all the vehicle information such as “Temperature”, “Voltage, “,”Battery Voltage”, “Engine”,”Motion”, “GSM signal level”,”Satellite count” and others. Green icon […]

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