Know the basics

Tracks Panel

Allows the user to select the Start and Stop date/time when tracking back the history data of vehicles.

Track Points Panel

What is Track Points Panel List of individual track data of the vehicle like Date, time, Speed, Voltage, Engine ON/OFF. When you click on each point, it will show the address on the map.

How can I Search Users or Vehicles?

Simple step to Search Users or Vehicles If you have a long list of vehicles in Vehicles panel, you can use the search field to find the vehicle.

How to Track History Data of Vehicle?

7 Steps to track vehicle history 1. Select the vehicle and tick the small box in Track column. 2. Go to Tracks panel. 3. Select the Start and Stop date/time. 4. Click the search button. 5. Select the date and tick the small box under “Select” column. 6. Go to Track points panel. 7. Click […]

How can I Change the Map?

3 kinds of maps By default, 3 maps available in your account which is: OpenStreet map, OneMap and Google Map. To change the map, go to main menu Maps –> (select the map)

How To Draw Today’s Track?

2 Steps to Draw Today Track 1. Right-click on the vehicle number. 2. Select “Draw today’s tracks” then it will draw the tracks on the map.

How to Change the Password?

3 Steps to change password 1. Go to Settings –> Change password. 2. Enter the Old and New password. 3. Click Save.

What does Status Color means in Vehicles Panel?

3 Status color Green GPS and data connection is OK Yellow Vehicle is indoor or Bad GPS reception due to weather Red NO GPS signal, GSM signal is weak, GPS faulty or wiring has tampered.

Understanding Vehicles Panel

Definition of Vehicles Panel By default, vehicles panel can be seen on the right corner where the list of the vehicles located. Available columns are; Vehicle colour identifier – Identifies the vehicle in the track list Vehicle Name – The name of the vehicles Last Seen – Time stamp for the last valid position update […]

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