Know the basics

How to create Driver score card and Eco report

The Driver score card and Eco report collects driver behavior data through GPS by measuring harsh driving, harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding and idling for each vehicle. The guide below will show how to setup the report and understanding how it works. Change the RPT_Speeding Event Rule default settings The default condition for speeding that […]

How to use the new design controls for columns?

As we continuously enhancing the system to provide customers with a great user experience. We have improved the functionality of column controls for Vehicles list, Tracks, Track points, Tags and so on with such control like resize, reorder, show, hide, sort and force fit columns. To know how it works, please refer below. Resize to resize […]

How to draw individual trips on the map?

Simple Steps to draw individual trips By using the Trip View feature, it allows the user to draw individual trips on the map instead of the entire day. Make sure to read first this post on How to track the Vehicle, then follow the steps below. 1. Go to Tracks tab (assuming that vehicle already […]

What are the green or red circles with number called Marker Clustering?

What is Marker Clustering This feature is called Marker Clustering, another useful way to get a better overview of your fleet, it groups the vehicles or alarm events that are very close to each other. 1. Red circles refer to the group of alarm events. 2. Green circle refers to the group of vehicles. If […]

What is the Event Alarm?

When an alarm occurs, it will be displayed on the map with the red radius at the location where the event is reported. By default, the icon color is red, you can change to different color and the icon as well. Read this post. As shown below is Alarm Clusters which means 17 alarms from […]

How to Convert Panels to Windows or Windows to Panels?

Simple Steps to convert Panels to Windows or Windows to Panels The Fleet Manager web interface allows you to move, resize and hide panels and save different layouts as Workspace for quick access to different tasks. One way to do this is to convert panels to windows and vice verse. Panels, will display as tab […]

How can I Re-Arrange, Add and Remove Columns in Vehicles Panel?

Simple Steps to rearrange columns in Vehicles panel In the list’s upper right corner of Vehicles panel, you find the column selector icon. Left click on this icon and choose what columns to display. 1. Make sure Vehicles panel selected. 2. Click the small box icon to show the available columns. 3. Select/deselect the column […]

Overview of Floating Control Bar on Top-Left-Corner of the Map

What is Floating Control Bar On the top-left corner, you can see a floating control bar which you can drag around.Explanation of their functions are explained from left to right as follow: Zoom area – Click and draw a square around the selected area to zoom in. Zoom all vehicles – Click onto button to […]

What is Show Trace?

If “Show trace” is ticked, this option will show a red short line after the vehicle you have selected in the vehicle list, the line represents the last 10 position updates for the vehicle.

What are the View Options between the Main Menu and Map?

Between the main menu and the map you will find the following options: 1. View – Change the active View in view options. 2. Zoom to view – Changing View will zoom into the map to show all vehicle in that view. 3. Follow selected – The map will automatically center on the position of […]

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