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How to create an ordered list of Jobs using Dispatch Route?

Simple Steps to create ordered job list dispatch route Dispatch Route allows you to create an ordered list of Jobs that can be edited, organized, color-coded and annotated as a group and then easily assigned and dispatched to your workers. Creating a route There are several ways in creating a Route that is designed to […]

Worker Job lists

2 ways to open Worker Job lists Right-click on the worker and select Job List or In Dispatch window, click on square button on top right corner of the worker. 1. The worker job lists show a Pick List with unassigned jobs on top. You can right-click jobs and select Pick to add them to the selected worker […]

Overview on Dispatch window

The Dispatch window shows an overview of all jobs for the selected date. Here you can see today’s progress, look at your job history and plan future jobs. 1. Today button moves you to today to show the status of current jobs. The button is disabled if selecting the current date. 2. Calendar moves you […]

How can the worker see and accept the job that i dispatched?

Simple Steps to Check Dispatched Job The worker needs to have the Fleet Manager mobile application installed from their mobile and have access to the application. 1. To download the mobile app, click here. 2. To create new user for worker, click here. 3. After the worker login, it will show the job list as […]

How can I see the completed jobs in a report?

Simple Steps to Check completed jobs report If the report is not existing from your account, you need to create the new report. Follow the guide below and make sure you’re using the Administrator account. 1. Go to Reports and click Manage Reports. 2. Select the template DI1000 Completed Jobs and DI1000 Completed Jobs (Vehicle) […]

What are those color coded Job Dispatch status?

Job Dispatch status A job can be in the following states depending on automatic device actions or manual actions from an operator. The states are color coded for quick reference. Unassigned (white): The job that has no worker. Jobs that have a future date are shown on that date only Planned (light gray): The job […]

Dispatch or Plan a job using Mobile

Simple Steps to Dispatch job using Mobile With Fleet Manager mobile, you can Dispatch job using Mobile. Here’s how. 1. Login to Fleet Manager and tap the Dispatch Job. 2. Tap on the “+” button to create a job. 3. Enter the name of the worker, the field provides “search as you type” functionality for […]

How to Dispatch or Plan a job?

Simple Steps to Dispatch job Fleet Manager is helping different organizations to dispatch their vehicles in an optimal way using Real Time Tracking and Job Dispatch features. The guide below will show on how to Dispatch or Plan a job. There are several ways in creating new Jobs; 1. In the Dispatch panel, click the  “+Job” button. […]

How to create a user for job worker?

Simple Steps to create job worker user In order for the Worker to receive the assigned job, they need to login to Fleet Manager mobile. Follow the steps below; 1. Click Add new user. 2. Select the User Type “3. Add Job Dispatch Worker”. 3. Click Next. 4. Enter the Username, password and Name. Others are […]

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