I don’t want the Geofence Name to use it as Live Address, How to Disable it?

4 Steps to make Geofence no show address Once the Geofence created, the Geofence name will show on the Address column instead of showing the full address, same thing on the report address. If you don’t want this kind of behavior, you can disable it. Please refer below; 1. Select Tag mode 2. Click the drop down menu and select […]

How can I Change the Color of Geofence?

4 Steps to change the Geofence color In the current version, Geofence can change the color in Tag mode only, it means that if you have more than 1 geofence in a tag then it will apply to all geofences. Follow the steps below. 1. Select the Tag mode. 2. Click the drop down menu […]

What is a Route Geofence?

Simple Steps to create a route geofence The Route Geofence allows for creation of a virtual perimeter between two points. It can be used in order to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm can be set to inform the interested party. Two ways of creating Route […]

Creating Geofence

9 Steps to Create Geofence Make sure you log in as Administrator or have access to Geofence. Follow the steps below on how to create Geofence. 1. Click on the Geofence tab, default location at the bottom of the map. If this tab not existing in your Workspace, then go to Workspace –> View –> […]

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