What is a Proximity?

Simple Steps to check Proximity Proximity calculates the distance between vehicles within the selected radius. 1. Click the Proximity icon on the floating control bar. 2. Edit the radius and click “Update” button. 3. Drag and drop the proximity marker to update the Proximity window with an ordered vehicle list. 4. Click any vehicle name […]

How to Setup Fuel Consumption?

Simple Steps to setup Fuel Consumption Before you start, make sure you log in as an Administrator. STEP 1: Modify User Type               1. In Vehicles Panel, click the button on the right corner. 2. Select User Type Editor. 3. Select the User Type (Device). 4. Then tick the […]

What is a Fuel Consumption?

This feature will track the vehicle fuel consumption based on the system Odometer (distance driven) and Expected Fuel consumption of the vehicle.

How to Show Multiple Maps on a Different Monitor?

Steps to show multiple maps different monitor To give you a better overview of your vehicles we are introducing the Multi-Monitor feature that allows the user to show multiple maps on a different monitor. With this feature, you can pop-out up to nine additional maps, either showing a static area of the map or follow […]

Saving and Deleting the Route

Steps to Save Delete Route 1. To Save route. Enter the name and click Save route button. 2, To Delete route. Click the drop down list then selects the route name to delete and click Delete route.

How to Optimize my Route using Direction?

6 Steps to Optimize Route Using Direction 1. Go to the main menu Windows 2. select Directions then it will popup small window. 3. Right-click on the map to add start, waypoint, and destination. 4. select Add start 5. select Add waypoint, this is optional if you have to stop place between start and destination. […]

What is a Direction?

Definition of Direction The direction is a feature that calculates directions between locations with rich in features like calculating Fuel consumption, total distance, duration, total cost and much more. This feature helps the organization to optimize its fleet operations.

How to Add/Remove Gauges?

8 Steps to Add Remove Gauges Right click on the vehicle. Select Add/Remove Gauges then small window will appear. Select the vehicle status you want to add, in this example, selected the “Voltage” and enter the Min. value and Max. value Click to pick a color. Add a gauge for a selected “Msg. field”. Remove […]

What is Gauges?

Definition of Gauges Gauges feature is a visual representation of whatever information from the Status panel, like for example; Engine status, Speed, etc. Gauges will appear on the map and can be drag and drop to change position.  

Map based Searching with Area Search

5 Steps to do Area Search Area search able to search in your vehicle history for a specific area. It is very effective and intuitive. With Area Search you can instantly answer questions like: Who was here last Friday? How many times have we been here this week? When was the last time we were […]

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