How to Check Maintenance Status?

Simple Steps to check Maintenance Status Click on the menu Maintenance –> Status to get an overview of the current maintenance status for your vehicles. The table shows the distance or time to the next service event for each vehicle. Overdue events are marked in red. You can click on a row to see all […]

How to Customize Maintenance Notification?

The steps to customize maintenance notification You can create your own Maintenance Notification template if you want to customize the reminder email. Follow the steps below; 1. Click on the Panel Menu (down-arrow) in the Maintenance Schedule window header. 2. Select Notification Templates. 3. Click on New Notification Template and create your template in the template editor. […]

How to Create Maintenance Schedule based on Engine Hours?

The Steps to create Engine Hours Maintenance schedule This example will show on how to create Maintenance event using an Engine hour accumulator based on the signal Engine. Assuming that you already setup the Engine Hours Accumulator which discussed HERE. 1. Right click onto the vehicle and select “Edit User“. 2. Select the “Engine Hours” […]

How to Create Maintenance Schedule based on Time?

Simple Steps to create Time Maintenance schedule Below example will send a reminder via email to user for the Road tax renewal every 6 months with 1 day in advance. For Roles, go HERE and follow Step 5.

How Linked Events works in Maintenance schedule?

It is now possible to combine different, but related, events within a maintenance schedule. Logging one maintenance event will automatically reset the counters on the whole schedule. It can be used to schedule a vehicle maintenance that is dependent on time and distance. The Linked Event checkbox needs to be checked within a maintenance schedule […]

How to Create Maintenance Schedule based on Odometer?

Steps to create Odometer Maintenance schedule The example below used to create maintenance schedule based on Odometer. 1. Click on the menu Maintenance –> Schedules and click Add new Schedule. 2. Enter the name and click Next. 3. Click “Add Event” and enter details for your maintenance event. More details on Linked Events, click here. 4. Enter […]

How to show Accumulators in Vehicles list?

Simple Steps to show Accumulators in Vehicles list 1. Go to Vehicles panel then click the small box. 2. Tick the Accumulator name. Save the Workspace to make the column permanently visible every time you log in. Note: when adding new accumulator and you want it to enable in Vehicles list, you need to refresh […]

How to Setup the Engine Hours as Accumulator for Maintenance?

Steps to setup the Engine Hours as accumulator for Maintenance Make sure you log in as Administrator. 1. Go to Admin 2. Select Accumulator Types 3. Click Add new Accumulator Type 4. Enter the Name and Description (optional.) 5. Choose the type, either active time or active time with reset Active time – continuously accumulate […]

How to Setup the Odometer as Accumulator for Maintenance?

Simple Steps to setup Odometer accumulator for Maintenance You may collect the odometer readings from each of your vehicle and insert into the given slot “Accumulator”. The Odometer reading will increase according to the cumulative GPS distance traveled by your vehicles. Simply right-click your mouse onto the vehicle inside the vehicle list menu and select […]

What is a Maintenance?

Definition of Maintenance Maintenance feature keeps track when your vehicles are due for service or measure the total time that a vehicle status signal, such as Engine on, has been active. You can see their current maintenance status in the application and create notifications when vehicles pass a service interval.

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