Job Dispatch Route Optimisation

Simple Steps of Job Dispatch Route Optimisation This post assumes that you already read the Dispatch Route. Job Dispatch Route Optimisation allows you to see the estimated distance and the journey time of your planned routes letting you tune them manually with your local area knowledge or automatically optimize them with our new additional “Optimise” […]

Driver Journal usage

Simple Steps to check Driver Journal usage Driver Journal usage is a feature used to categorize and add notes to trips. Users can categorize their trips and add notes in a simple web interface. Setting up Driver Journal 1. Create a User with the Driver with journal user type (or add the _DriverJournal role to […]

How to use the Graph?

Simple Steps to use track Graph The graph feature in Fleet Manager allows to quickly visualize all numerical signals in track points. The data can be any signal transmitted by a tracker such as Speed, Voltage, Fuel levels, Battery level, or Engine ON/OFF. In order to start the graph feature, you need to first select […]

FleetManager Chat

Fleet Manager improves communication with instant messaging tools between vehicle controllers, drivers, field workers and colleagues by FleetManager Chat. To get started, go to Windows and select Chat then follow the registration wizard. This Chat feature is also using the Telegram Messenger service same as the Push to talk in fleet manager mobile.

Categorize Vehicles using Buckets

Simple Steps to Categorize vehicles using Buckets Bucket is a feature which let the user create a temporary category of vehicles. To add a vehicle to a Bucket, right click the Vehicle and select one of the colored Buckets. Buckets can be used as an input to the vehicle list filter. To filter the list; 1. […]

How can I Know the Current Traffic Condition?

Simple Steps to know current traffic condition Fleet Manager integrates Singapore’s LTA (Land Transport Authority) live data feeds into your dashboard. This feature allows you to see the live road activities such as incidents, cameras, ERP and Parking. This information is gathered directly from LTA which makes it accurate and updated. To enable the live […]

How to Create Maintenance Notifications using Event Rules?

The steps to create Maintenance notifications Event Rules Maintenance notifications can also be triggered using the standard Event Rules. All the event rule options are available, so you can create alerts in the user interface, over email and mobile application. When a vehicle passes a maintenance interval an overdue signal is enabled. 1. You can create […]

How to Add Custom Field in Maintenance?

4 steps to add custom field Maintenance You can add custom fields to a Maintenance Event Log. This allows you to add fields such as cost or a list of parts that were replaced within that maintenance log. 1. Click on the Panel Menu in the Maintenance Schedule Window. 2. Select Manage Custom Fields. 3. Select the […]

Maintenance Service Report

Simple Steps to check Maintenance Service report The Maintenance Service History report shows a list of all logged maintenance events. To view the report: Click on the menu Reports. Select “ 6. Maintenance Service History Report”. Select your vehicle and click Generate to view the maintenance history. Note: The report will only show records if you […]

How to Log the Maintenance Events?

Simple Steps to log Maintenance events When your vehicle has been serviced you log the maintenance event to update the maintenance status. Follow the steps below: Click on the menu Maintenance –> Status and click on the vehicle in the list Click Log Event for the maintenance event Enter the time or odometer value when […]

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