Route optimization

Job Dispatch Route Optimisation

Simple Steps of Job Dispatch Route Optimisation This post assumes that you already read the Dispatch Route. Job Dispatch Route Optimisation allows you to see the estimated distance and the journey time of your planned routes letting you tune them manually with your local area knowledge or automatically optimize them with our new additional “Optimise” […]

Saving and Deleting the Route

Steps to Save Delete Route 1. To Save route. Enter the name and click Save route button. 2, To Delete route. Click the drop down list then selects the route name to delete and click Delete route.

How to Optimize my Route using Direction?

6 Steps to Optimize Route Using Direction 1. Go to the main menu Windows 2. select Directions then it will popup small window. 3. Right-click on the map to add start, waypoint, and destination. 4. select Add start 5. select Add waypoint, this is optional if you have to stop place between start and destination. […]

What is a Direction?

Definition of Direction The direction is a feature that calculates directions between locations with rich in features like calculating Fuel consumption, total distance, duration, total cost and much more. This feature helps the organization to optimize its fleet operations.

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