Basic User Management

How to Manage (Add, Ddit and Delete) Notes Categories

Simple Steps to manage notes categories 1. Click the button to show Manage Categories option. 2. Click Manage Categories 3. select Add Category button to add new, to delete or edit then right click on the category name then select Delete or Edit.

Show Notes

Simple Steps to Show Notes 1. Right click on the user. 2. select. 3. Show Notes.

Understanding my Notes Panel

Steps to understand the Notes Panel A Notes Panel will be added to the application in which Notes have been enabled. The Notes Panel contains all the Open notes for the logged in user. AGreen note is a new/unread note, while a Grey note means the note has been read. The above Notes Panel contains […]

Write the User Note

Steps to Write User Note Make sure you log in as Administrator 1. Right click on a user and select Add Note. 2. A note contains a Subject, Note, Recipients, and Categories. Recipients and categories are optional. A recipient is another user that can login to the application who has the _ReadNotes privilege. This or […]

What is the User Note

The User Note can be placed on any user or vehicle. They can be used to inform a technician that a device or vehicle needs maintenance or as a messaging tool between operators. A note contains a subject, some text, recipients, and categories. Recipients and categories are optional and therefore does not need to be […]

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