Advanced User Management

How to Edit/Delete a User or Vehicle?

Simple Steps to Edit User Vehicle Make sure you login as Administrator. Edit or Delete a User 1. Find the user that you want to Edit or Delete, either use the search field in “Vehicles” panel or change the “View” in where the user belong. 2. Right-click on the user. 3. Click “Edit User“.   […]

How to draw track for multiple vehicles with different track color?

Simple Steps to draw track different color 1. Go to Settings. 2. Click on the Track visualization. 3. Under Same color as marker, select “No”. 4. Then Save. 5. Now select the vehicles, in this example, 2 vehicles has been selected. Make sure the vehicle is ticked. 6. Go to Tracks tab. 7. Select the […]

How can I create a user that can only see specific vehicles?

Simple Steps to create customized user This guide will show you on how to create a user that can only see specific vehicles. For this example we will use the following scenario: User can only access or see all vehicles from Operation Department. The user have limited access which can only view and track the […]

How to Edit or Delete the User Type template?

Simple Steps to Edit User Type template 1. Click the button on the right side. 2. Select the “User Type Editor”. 3. Click on the drop-down menu and select the User Type that you want Edit or Delete. Click the “Delete” button to delete the selected User Type.

What is a User Type and how to create a template?

Simple Steps to customize User Type A User Type works like a template when creating users and saves time when many users share certain details or privileges. You can create a new User Type if you have created a new Roles. Follow the steps below to create new User Type. 1. Click the button on […]

What is a Roles and how to create a custom Roles and Privileges to a user?

Simple Steps to create user custom Roles Roles is a feature that give a user different rights. A Roles has access to a set of Features in your account. Multiple Roles can be applied to any User in your account. By default, your account has 2 different Roles: Company Administrator = the user has given […]

How to Create a New User?

Simple Steps to create new user Make sure you log in as Administrator. 1. Click “Add new User” inside the Vehicles panel. 2. By default, 2 User Type available; Add Company Administrator = the user will be given a full access. Add Company Operator = this user type have limited access only, such as able to […]

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