Advanced features

How to Create a Dynamic View using Event Rules?

Simple Steps to create dynamic View using Event Rules Another type of event rule notification is Tag Notifier, use this notification to dynamically add and remove vehicles to a View using Event Rules. For example, show only when vehicle is currently idling, or all vehicles with ignition on or vehicles inside the geofence or with some other […]

Events Panel Overview

Aside from the report, Events panel allows viewing the Live and History event that triggered. By default, it’s a Panel but you can convert it to Window. Read here. If this panel not available in your Workspace, go to Workspace –> View –> Events and save your workspace. 1. Toggle to switch to Live or […]

How to Create an Event Rule when Vehicle Enter/Exit POI?

Simple Steps to create POI event rule This post will guide you on how to create an event rule when vehicle enter/exit the location using the Point of Interest (POI). Make sure you read this post before you proceed with the steps below. Read here. Setup is almost the same with previous post for creating […]

How to Create an Event Rule when Vehicle Enter/Exit Geofence?

Simple Steps to create Geofence event rule This guide will show you on how to create an event rule that will trigger an event when the vehicle Enter/Exit Geofence. This is useful for the fleet operator if they want to be notified when their vehicle Enter/Exit the project site. 1. Go to Admin –> Event […]

How to Setup Vehicle Idling Alert with Icon in Vehicle Panel?

The steps to setup Vehicle Idling alert This guide will show how to create an event with the icon in vehicle panel when the vehicle is Idling for more than 20 minutes. The definition here for Idling event is when vehicle Speed less or equal to 5km/h AND Engine is ON. This event is very […]

Understanding the Event Rules

Overview of Event Rules Event Rules are used to trigger actions from inputs in the system. For example, Event Rules are used to show a Speeding alert on the map and to detect that a vehicle has entered or left a Geofence/POI. Event Rules can be very simple, but you can also create more complex […]

How to Change Icon of POI Categories?

Simple Steps to change icon POI categories 1. Go to Points of Interest then Manage categories. 2. Select the POI category. 3. There’s an option called “other icon”, click that option to open up new Icon Picker. 4. Select the Icon or choose another Icon Category in the drop down menu at the top. 5. Click on […]

How to Change the Vehicle Icon?

Simple Steps to change Vehicle icon It is now possible to use your own icon as Vehicle icons. Follow the steps below; 1. Right click on a user and choose Edit User. 2. Go to Marker and click “Use Marker from Icon Library”. 3. Select the Icon category. 4. Choose the icon. 5. The click […]

How to Add Icons?

Simple Steps to add Icons Icons allow you to use your own image icons in Fleet Manager. How to add 1. Go to Admin 2. Click Icons 3. Click the button Add new Icon Category 4. Enter the Name and Description. (Note: If you want to the add icon from the existing category, you can […]

How can I Set the POI to be Permanently Visible Every Time I Login?

3 Steps to make POI permanently visible 1. Go to Points of Interest tab then click the “Settings” to show the Categories. 2. Select the Categories that you want to permanently visible. 3. Then Save your Workspace to apply changes. go to Workspace –> Save.

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