Entry & exit records for staging grounds.

LogisFleet is among the approved GPS vendors for APSG, TMSG, TSSG and KTC construction projects in Singapore. To capture the locations of the dump collections, GPS records of tipper trucks' entry and exit into predefined source sites are captured, and transmitted online to the respective staging ground site offices.

Geofencing for Singapore constructions sites for APSG, TSSG, TMSG, KTC

Safe Entry and Exit

Deploy geofencing that can prevent unauthorized vehicle activities within project sites. Site monitoring without presence of human controller and yet stay in full control with automated real-time alerts.

Trigger Events from geofences entry and exits
Multiple zoom in views of vehicles

Multiple views

To view a large fleet requires a zoomed out map view, potentially losing sight of important selected vehicles. Introducing multiple view feature that allows user to monitor selected vehicles at close range.


View vehicles, geofences on the map with the options to detect your own location.


View vehicles' detailed data, share locations or navigate to selected vehicles.


View vehicle's attributes , share location and navigate to its location.


List vehicle trip history by chronological order or view tracks on the map.


View vehicles' events such as geofence entry and exit, and have them display on the map.

FleetManager Mobile App showing events recordsFleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle detailsFleetManager Mobile App showing trip records of vehicleFleetManager Mobile App showing vehicle views.FleetManager Mobile App showing map view of all vehicles.

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