Top Trends in Truck Fleet Management (Part 2)

Top Trends in Truck Fleet Management (Part 2)

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Upfitting Trends of Fleet Management

6. Upfitting Trends
The technician shortage for upfitters will continue to be an industry issue. The technician shortage will exert stress on cycle times. Another upfitting trend is that fleets are increasingly using LED lighting technology on service vehicles. With an average life span of 10 years, increased intensity, and ease of installation, there is a trend towards an increased use of LED lighting instead of strobe lighting historically employed on service vehicles.

7. Longer Service Life
Fleets are keeping trucks in service for longer periods. This trend is adding importance to up-front decisions in vehicle spec’ing, which can achieve a longer lifecycle without the related costs.

Longer Service Life in Fleet Management
Technician Shortage in Fleet Management

8. Technician Shortage
Maintenance turnaround and downtime will play a greater factor as the shortage of qualified service technicians becomes more exacerbating in the coming years. In addition, technologies employed to meet the newest emission regulations require technicians to have a higher skill set since maintenance/repairs have become more complex.

9. Increased Fees
States with budgetary shortfalls are targeting private fleets for tax revenue generation. As budgets are squeezed tighter, a common target for generating new funds is to increase registration and other fees for commercial trucks.

Increase fee for fleet ownership